Incubating Projects that are Building Web3

We’re advancing the Ethereum ecosystem by contributing to the growth of early stage, open source blockchain projects that share our values. Our incubatees are some of the most ambitious projects in the web3 ecosystem, and we’re providing pre-seed funding, mentorship, and infrastructure to help them succeed.

This Way Forward

We care deeply about open source software and decentralization. Since this technology is so new, mainstream adoption will take time. Our goal is to hasten this process by incubating projects that share the same organizational values as Status.

We incubate startups on a rolling basis and participating projects span a wide variety of areas - from scaling solutions and base layer protocols to end-user ÐApps.


We offer standard pre-seed funding in exchange for equity and tokens (where applicable). Funding for later-stage projects is also possible on a case-by-case basis.

Technical Support

Projects will have access to our large technical team with deep expertise across the full stack.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Experienced legal and financial advisors will support you as you navigate the legalities, recruit your team, and perfect your organisational structure.

Marketing and Communication

We have expertise in branding, product positioning, content planning, and building open source communities.


Projects will have access to our volunteer mentor network who can provide coaching on the various aspects of building a Web3 startup.

Product Design

UX and UI are critical to product adoption. We rely on insights from extensive user testing, and focus on making things useful and usable.

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